Self Reflections...

Some reflections were shortened due to the extremely long lenghths



"My time in Your wonderful presence was amazing. You were simply spectacular in EVERY WAY: just the right demeanor. It was a natural domminance that was never forced, it is just simply Your personality. It is just the right amount of haughty unapproachable beauty and elegance combined with a softer sensual more forgiving side. It was truly a miracle to behold. Thank You for the gift of Your presence.

   As far as session content you have the great gift of a truly elite dominatrix: the innate ability to subtly read Your slave's body language and demeanor to know what truly excites him and also what he will endure to please his Goddess.

I did very much appreciate the occasional hard face slaps you administered for punishment. 

  I adored the outfit You wore. I LOVE all very tight latex micro skirts. They show off the tops of the hold ups+the stockings so well.
May I say that Goddess Asia has such a delicate neck and such adorable ear lobes. Your addicted  nylon foot slave knows that gifts of  necklaces and earrings will enhance the perfection of these parts of Goddess's body :) be continued.

  Finally I LOVED the boots that You wore .They were SO VERY FRAGRANT INSIDE! Please permit me to see Your beautful long legs+perfect nylon covered feet in them again! It it also wonderful if You allow me to put the boots back on after foot+scent worship by me so Your addictive foot scent stays intense to the end of the session. It is at the very moment that Your nylon covered foot is first removed from the boot when it is most sweaty + intense.

THANK YOU GODDESS or wearing the hold ups yesterday + today to get Your footscent strong in them. I think they will look fantastic as a base layer with the fishnet stockings on top. If You have been also wearing  socks to get the scent in the nylon strong +sweaty, please my I BEG YOU to also wear/ bring these sweaty socks with You. You might even tease me to guess whether+if You are wearing a sock or socks im one or both boots!


Let me end with a small prayer to the Goddess of my dreams:

Dearest Goddess Asia please accept my offer to be Your foot slave in session as a very visible demonstration of the Majesty, the Glory and the Ecstacy that lies only at Your Perfect Nylon Covered Feet.

At the Divine Feet of my Queen lies my only true salvation, the one true path. Her Supreme Power over my sexual pleasure and the Glory of Her Presence in session is all that I live for now and forever. Amen :)
with deep devotion
~ Steven ( Oct. 2018 )

"My first session with the Goddess Asia

Allow me to start by saying that she is both professional, and warm. She
arrived on time and was genuinely interested in establishing a rapport.
She is extremely pretty, and better in person than in her pictures. She
was able to discuss my wants and needs, in a supportive and
non-judgemental manner that instantly made me at ease. She pursued her
role with enthusiasm but care. She desired to be good at her job and was
good. It is difficult to become comfortable with someone quickly, but
she can be trusted and is honorable.  These are traits not easily found
in many people, but even more difficult to find in this industry. She is
well worth every cent and I certainly want to see her again."

~ Bill ( March 2018 )

"Thank you so much lol. I had a great time. You were very patient and attentive, pushing me

only to the limits I was comfortable with. I appreciate that you listen to what I wanted

instead of focusing on what YOU wanted to achieve..

I will repeat."

Tim ( Aug. 017

"Today, I was touched by a Goddess. The Amazing Goddess Asia. 

This being my first experience with a domina I didn't know any of the protocols and was nervous. I found Goddess Asia online and her website seemed legitimate and professional so I decided to reserve  a session with her.  I put aside all my inhibitions and expectations and let Goddess Asia guide me. Her communication and directions were clear and was I was no longer apprehensive. I found myself excited and wanting to please her before we even met!!!  I followed all her instructions and before long, I was graced to be in the Goddess's presence. Oh, a goddess she is... I tried not to stare... my heart started to race... I was lost in her beauty.  Then, The Goddess spoke... her sweet and kind voice brought my spinning head back down from the clouds. I thought to myself,  for a Goddess/domina, she is extremely friendly.  I wanted to please Goddess Asia so I followed all her instructions and before long, I was lying on my back, arms and legs cuffed, blind folded, collered, and a ball gag in my mouth.  The Goddess caressed my body with her divine hands, inflicting pain and uncontrollable pleasure. Whenever my body flinched, it was followed by the most amazing sinister and cute giggle. Goddess warned me that she's a master at teasing. If she didn't have me restrained, I my have kicked her as my body writhed in pain and pleasure.  Being my first time with a domina, she explained what she was doing and made the experience amazing and enjoyable. The restraints were removed and I was ordered to put them away into her suitcase... this gave me a glimps of some of the other items Goddess Asia possess. My knees became weak...


Then, Goddess Asia wanted to play a game with me. This game involved lube a timer, and the Goddess's heavenly touch. It was amazing. I think I won... barely.


Goddess Asia had me kiss and caress her beautiful boots that ran all the way up her legs. She then ordered me to remove them, exposing her sculpted legs. Goddess Asia ordered me to massage her legs and feet. I was so happy Goddess Asia allowed me to touch her.  Goddess has amazingly soft skin. As I massaged her feet, we talked about our session. Again, Goddess Asia's sweet voice and friendliness opened me up so we discussed my desires and past experiences. Goddess Asia responded by letting me know what she is capable of. Again, my knees went weak and my head started spinning..."


She is The Amazing Goddess Asia.

New York ~ ST ( May 2017 )

"Hi Goddess Asia:


Thank You again for O/our time T/together last week.

Allow me to say that Your pictures do not do You justice. You are more beautiful in person.


I was surprised by our session tone. As Your pictures are serious to angry and Your pre session e-mails were direct and seemed business like, I was expecting a strict, no nonsense session.

After seeing that my written punishment was "I will not disrespect Goddess Asia", I assumed I must have somehow been disrespectful and reinforced my strict session belief.


When I saw You arrive at PB, You had a pretty perturbed look on Your face when You exited the car. This strengthened my belief that You would be very strict.


While a strict session would have been fine, I was pleasantly surprised by Your sense of humor. I always try to inject humor early in my sessions (especially with someone new) to break tension and see how far I can go. Sometimes it's accepted (or tolerated) and sometimes I'll be punished.


Next time, I'll have to guess which Goddess Asia I'll be seeing. A strict Goddess, a Goddess with a fun, bubbly personality, or a combination of both. Not a bad thing.


The pace and tone of our session was very good. Your punishments were very effective. Especially strokes to my bottom and legs.


I think the highlight of our session was when You pulled me across Your knee after I patted Your bottom with the paddle. The only thing that would have made it better is if You had used that paddle instead of Your hand.


The only thing that I would have wanted more of, is strokes to the palms. I like to mix it up between the bottom, hands, and legs.


Overall, it was a very satisfying first session and I think our next one will be better."



New York ~ Raymond  (May 2017 )

"Thank you very much for letting have the opportunity of serving you Goddess."


~ MR (May 2017 )

"Beautiful Goddess,Hope You have been well.  The "edging" portion of Our/our session 

(and the rest of it too!) is still giving me wonderful dreams!

"Thank You.

~ MDG  (Jan. 2017 )

"You shook my reality, my enchanting Goddess. Tonight was a joy. From my wanting and anticipation, at last I was yours....teased by your curios, and graced by your hands.

From your beauty I'd overdosed. I'm quickly in withdrawal. Come now dreams, your boots to worship; right, left; between.

I sit now and type, reflecting on our play, your seduction I'll remember, for all my waking days.

~ KM ( Dec. 2016 )

"It was incredibly lovely to see you tonight. I'm glad we met. You're a lovely woman, very fun. :) 

You did put me in good mood. "

~ S ( Nov. 2016 )

"Dear Goddess Asia,

Thank you so much for the wonderful time this afternoon!  I had such a good time and look forward to serving you again."
All the best,

~ paul  ( Nov. 2016 )

" Goddess Asia is Addictive "

~  Robert ( Nov. 2016 )

"My Goddess, i was a skeptic at first about Your addictive qualities, but after my second visit i

became a true believer. The first time we met, You explored my body and my psyche, and determined my limits. On the second visit You absorbed me into Your sadistic and sensual world, making me squirm with pain, restricting my freedom, and focusing on the very essence of my secret pleasures.

I look forward to many more sessions with You, and will dream of You always."


~ slave peter ( Nov. 2016 )

Published on

"I first saw her ad on Eros. She is new young LA Domme (at least new to me). My work has been crazy and just could not get around to doing a r/t session but this lady intrigued me so much I decided to do a 1/2 hour phone session. We exchanged a couple emails to discuss what I wanted to experience during this phone session. Last night at 8pm my phone rang and the voice said Ken? and I am Goddess Asia are you ready?

I am more a r/t guy and have never done a phone session and did not know what to expect but Goddess Asia was awesome! The phone session was so very creative and she was well prepared. There was never any lulls or anything and it was incredible. It was a wonderful experience and can't wait for the r/t session She is a knockout. Very creative and very smart. I loved it."


~ OCPAINPUPPY ( Sept. 2016 )

 "I will always adore you my Beautiful perfect stunning gorgeous goddess! Your slutty pig is

always excited to worship and feed on my goddess. Always desperately starving for our presence boss. I absolutely love being used by you"

~ Toilet Slut R ( June 2016 )


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